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"It has been a few months since I started the search for a new tenant and it has been quite an experience.  Jenna found my son’s ad on Craig’s List and contacted me to help enlist her service.  I can’t express my gratitude for her patience, professionalism and for finding a new tenant for my duplex.  I had very exact specifications and through it all, Jenna was very patient and focused on achieving this goal.  Every day she called with possible candidates until she found a new tenant with exact qualities that were expressed by me. It was not an easy task, but Jenna persisted until she found a pre-qualified person. I am very pleased with the outcome of her persistence and I thank Sokolich Realty for being there for me and achieving the goal of a quality and qualified tenant.  You certainly do your homework and it shows in all the detail behind the initial meeting.  Thank you for all your hard work. "


-- Mrs. Marie Kaplow, Landlady; July 11, 2013; Source: Thank You Card


Fred is my leasing agent for the past 20 years, finding tenants for my two Apts in Fort Lee, and then my seller agent, for one of them. We have a good working relationship, I can totally depend on Fred and Jenna to step in and resolve any problems that arise with tenants or with Management. I' m happy to recommend Fred and his team especially to new buyers, and new renters, and to new landlords, who need help and guidance too.


-- Barbara Stieglitz, Landlady; January 3, 2014; Source: Zillow

Sokolich Real Estate has been extremely helpful and accomodating to us finding an apartment when my husband and I first got married in 2010. Since then, they have been a great agency to work with. I would highly recommend them!


-- Liz Tesoriero, Tenant; November 15, 2013; Source: Zillow


We cannot thank Fred Sokolich and his entire staff and team for all of their excellent help during the purchase of our home. As first time home buyers, they were patient, informative, and walked us through the process every step of the way to make us feel comfortable. They were an absolute pleasure to work and I would highly recommend them to any family or friends. Thank You Fred Sokolich Real Estate for helping to make our dream of owning a home come true!!!!


-- Amanda W., Buyer; November 19, 2013; Source: Zillow


"Fred Sokolich absolutely helped me find my home. They were always on time and took me to see a large amount of homes in many different towns. I am a first time buyer and they were very knowledgeable, answering all my questions and making the process run very smoothly. I would definatley recommend them to a family or friend. Thanks again!"

-- Rich D., Buyer; November 11, 2013; Source: Zillow


"I would highly recommend SOKOLICH REAL ESTATE as they are very helpful, efficient and thoroughly check the possible tenants they bring to your property. It was the easiest and fastest renting experience I have had. I would definetly use them again."


-- Lucia Delopoulos, Landlady; September 16, 2012; Source:


"After many months of frustration searching for the perfect rental, I finally came across Sokolich Real Estate. The service and attention I received was exceptional! Because of their knowledge and expertise, I was able to find and secure the ideal apartment all within 1 week's time. Both Fred and Jenna were great to work with - very caring, friendly, and definitely worked hard to get me exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Sokolich Real Estate!"


-- Rebecca Knauer, Tenant; September 14, 2012; Source:


"As a landlord that depends on the income of a rental unit one can imagine how stressful it could be to have a vacant apartment.  From the onset SOKOLICH REAL ESTATE made me feel at ease with their confidence, knowledge... [and] empathy for both the landlord and potential tenant.  [My agent] turned my anxiety to empowered certainty that the apartment will be rented.  Their assistance was invaluable and suggestions insightful.  The apartment was rented on schedule; all the parties are satisfied and happy."

-- Nelson Pla, Landlord; September 28, 2012; Source: Submitted via Email


"This Agent is higly profesional, corteous, very well understands client needs, carefully selects properties without wasting his or customer's time with overvelming number of offers. I am glad that I choose Sokolich Real Estate. Five stars!"


-- Zoran Aric, Tenant; September 13, 2012; Source:


"Sokolich Real Estate were great to work with! Easy to get in contact with, Always answered all of our questions and returned all our calls immediately! Showed us perfect listings that met our needs! Very friendly and not pushy at all!! Already recommended them to brother and friends! Definitely a wonderful real estate to use! Highly recommend!!! :)"


-- Allison Malyso, Buyer; August 26, 2012; Source:


"I just wanted to say "thank you" for your professionalism and kindness. You can imagine how overwhelming this move will be for us. There are so many, MANY "to do's," concerns, nervous anticipation etc... Thus, genuine thanks for helping us find a clean, safe, and comfortable home. Kindest Regards and I look forward to thanking you in person when we settle in."


-- Laurie S., Tenant; April 11, 2013; Source: Submitted via Email


"I just also wanted to say thank you for everything. This whole stressful move has been very seamless and smooth [with your assistance]. You've been very patient and understanding, and keeping us informed every step of the way has really made this so easy on us. It has just been an overall good experience. We are excited to get in and start our new year!
Thank You again!!"


-- Jessica T., Tenant; January 3, 2013; Source: Submitted via Email


"I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us throughout this process [of purhcasing our first home]. You have been amazing and patient and explained everything to us every step of the way. We are so grateful so have had you to work with."


-- Amanda W., Buyer; December 20, 2012; Source: Submitted via Email


"[SOKOLICH REAL ESTATE] was instrumental in locating and procuring the perfect apartment for myself and daughter. Throughout every step in the process, [they] provided exceptional service in a most pleasant and courteous manner. I would not hesitate to recommend [them]. In fact, I intened to call next year when I'll be in the market for a bigger space!" 


-- Veronica J., Tenant; August 30, 2011; Source: LinkedIn


"From start to finish Sokolich Real Estate was with in lock step. They treated my wife and I like family. They were flexible with scheduling, quick to respond, and gave excellent feedback. I am convinced that without their expertise and desire to put us in the right home we wouldn't be as happy as we are today. They made the entire process simple and painless. As first time home buyers you could imagine the nerves, but they did a great job of keeping us informed and giving us honest advice. We could not have been happier. Love them." 


-- Matthew P., Buyer; November 11, 2013; Source: Zillow


"Great service. Jenna went out of her way to help accommodate my difficult housing needs, and was a great point of contact between the landlord and myself." 


-- Geoffrey Li, Tenant; August 23, 2011; Source: LinkedIn


"My family and I have been working with Fred and his team for many years. They always do what they say they will do and in a timely fashion. He always gets the job done. If you are looking for a quality realtor who knows the market Fred is your man."


-- Cliff Martin, Landlord; September 20, 2012; Source: LinkedIn


"Jenna Sokolich found the perfect tenant for my town home in Northern New Jersey. In all my professional real estate dealings, she was always reliable, responsible and "fast" to deliver great results. She is the daughter of Fred Sokolich, who owns SOKOLICH REAL ESTATE. Together, they make a dynamic and extraordinary team of results-driven and action-oriencted real estate professionals in Bergen County. I recommend Jenna highly!"


-- Marta Tracy, Landlord; July 20, 2011; Source: LinkedIn


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